Getting started with PractiScore scoring apps

Both scoring apps, the PractiScore app for Android and PractiScore app for iOS are designed to work standalone. The app can pull match data and post match results to the PractiScore website, but you don’t have to use PractiScore website.

You don’t need the PractiScore website or even internet connection to create match, register and score competitors, and prepare match results.

There are few howto videos for the apps on Youtube. E.g. see PractiScore app for Android tutorials by IPSC Manitoba, linked at PractiScore apps and web site howto videos

Generally, install the app from the app store on your phone or tablet and you can do it all on one device. Multiple devices can be used to score multiple squads in parallel (or register competitors in parallel).

For small matches you can create match on a phone or tablet, register competitors before the match at the range, then score and get results by the end of the match.

For larger matches or when you need to pre-register competitors, the PractiScore website provides a lot of handy functionality and tools for Match Directors.

To sync scores and match data (competitors, stages, etc) between devices you need WiFi (but not the internet access). So a portable WiFi hotspot works or you can share WiFi connection from the phone for the time you’d be doing sync.

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