How to setup and run a Postal Match in PractiScore app

There are several ways to run a postal match. Here is a simple option without using centralized PractiScore web site for match registration or payment.

There is some manual work involved, so I’ll try to break it down step by step.

For the Match Organizer:

  1. The Match Organizer creates a new match on his tablet using an appropriate match type or template for the sport
  2. After creating match, edit it again and tap “Set Posting Password” at the bottom of the match editing screen and set your password to protect from posting match results
  3. Create stages on tablet
  4. At this point you can export this match *.psc and distribute it to the match directors participating in your postal match or post it to a match web site

For the Match Director:

  1. The first thing is to download the match *.psc and import it to the master tablet
  2. If MD want to use PractiScore web site for the match registration, they can do so the same way as for their regular match. Otherwise they can register shooters in the match they imported
  3. In case of online registration. Before match starts the MD can use pin# import to pull registered shooters into the match.
    However the MD must make sure that the postal match is current/selected on the tablet and also select “Import registration into a current match” option on the pin# import screen in PractiScore app.
  4. Then match is scored as usual
  5. Once scored, instead of posting results online the MD should use “Export” option to email PractiScore match export file *.psc to the Match Organized.
  6. If MD wishes to post his match results - they can do so by using a match “Clone” option and then post the cloned match under their club name

Back to the Match Organizer

  1. Before doing the import/merge of received export files from participating clubs - make and export of the current match (e.g. email to yourself)
  2. You can import received match on your tablet and when match exist on device the app will offer you an option to Merge match into the current one.
  3. You can also use two tablets: the master tablet for the good master copy and a secondary tablet where you can import and review received export files and then sync to the master as you’d have done with scoring tablets. With two tablets you can easily delete match from device and import the next export file from another club
  4. When syncing received scores it would be a good idea to NOT accept any matches that have any match or stage edits/changes. Unless you are sure they are okay
  5. Once updated scores are synced/imported you can post updated results to the practiscore web site using a previously set posting password

Hope that helps