Setting up and scoring a Postal match over a a set period of time?

Is it possible to setup a “Postal” match with shooters from many different clubs with results being added over a set period of time (Maybe 1 month maybe longer). Also can the individual clubs/shooters input the scores or would it need to come from just one club/user? This would be for a “Steel match” similar scoring to Steel Challenge with time and penalties. Thanks.

@Paul_Dandini here are instructions for running a postal match using PractiScore app

Thanks for the quick reply and information

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Hi, is that posting results passwd feature working, since we tried that one and couldn’t get it working? So everyone was able to post results to web page after getting & editing master .psc?

@Santeri_Holm yes, it does. Assuming you did set your match posting password. You can only do that on device you created your match at.

So in that case it requires first of all match passwd and should that be same as sending results passwd?

Sorry about confusion. Secure match password and posting password are set separately and don’t depend on each other.

If I set a match passwd it disables export which is not good in postal? And even after that it never takes sending options passwd into consideration, it publishes results immediately to

That is why you should be setting the posting password. Like I said, it is a different setting

Yes but even if I set posting password it never asks that and posting results goes straight to without asking posting password. So at least in finnish version of app and not just in my phone but in every device we tested.

The app doesn’t ask posting password on device where password was set. Othervise it is asked on the posting screen.

I will take a look why it is allowed to post without password.

@Santeri_Holm apparently setting up posting password was accidentally broken in the PractiScore app for Android 1.6.41. The fix for this been added for the upcoming 1.6.43 app release.

Thx, good to know. This is quite mandatory feature since someone managed to upload wrong postal results in our competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a bright side you can reupload them again :slightly_smiling_face: