Announcement: New Community website for PractiScore Users

Feb 2020
This new “” Discourse forum that you are using is intended to provide:

  • FAQ, Best Practices, and Ideas for how to run your matches and clubs better
  • a public way for us and the community to help PractiScore users
  • a common way to disseminate news/info about PractiScore
  • a way for you to share ideas and feedback with us

As of this writing, we have 7 people that will be acting as moderators and I expect quite a number more as time goes on. Contact us if you want to participate.

The standards for use are pretty simple:

  • anybody can read
  • A PractiScore login AND some scores and/or match admin activity can comment/post topics
  • no foul language, sexual imagery or innuendo, or personal attacks (at all!)
  • keep topics limited to PractiScore usage and match operations

We will delete posts that violate these standards and at our discretion delete access to those who violate them. So don’t!

While we will have active admins in the system daily, we hope the community can help leverage its expertise and chime in with help and ideas.

So, welcome, let the discussions begin!

Ken Nelson

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Thanks for setting this up. Something like this would have been a great resource to have when I first became a match director - luckily I had a lot of very experienced, very supportive match directors to get help from, but a one stop shop where all the answers could have been found would have been nice!

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We are glad you like it! Thank you for showing your support :slight_smile:

Thanks David! I made you a moderator and granted you top user level. (-:

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