How to merge multiple matches in the PractiScore app for Android

In some cases you may need to merge multiple matches. Either get an aggregated set of shooters or to get aggregated set of results. This is different from creating a tournament/series as described in Scoring Tournament, Club League or Match Series in PractiScore app for Android

The PractiScore app for Android allows to merge multiple matches from the match list screen. To select matches for merging, tap and hold to select the first match and then tap on the other matches you want to merge. Then from the top-right menu select “Combine Matches”.

Note that matches have to be of the same type (same scoring).

The app will then ask you to select if you want to “Merge Shooters” or not, a.g. keep separate entries for the shooters that are present in both matches (usually using name or member#) and after confirming it will create a new “Combined” match with combined data from both matches. Then you can edit match name as usual.

Note that if these matches had identical stages, this won’t combine stages and results. If you want to combine stages, use the following instructions after combining matches. How to merge duplicated stages

You can see an example of merged match (30 stages and 1500 competitors) at