Scoring Tournament, Club League or Match Series in PractiScore app for Android

If you have all matches you want to include into series on Android device you can create a new “series” match for them.

From the match list screen tap and hold first match to start multi-select. Then tap other matches you want to include into series. Then select “Match Series” from menu on the top. In the match settings you can select how results are grouped (by points, time or percent) and how shooters are grouped (by name or member#) and how many results you want to count for series (e.g. set 3 to take best 3 individual results out of your selected matches).

After that you can view series results on device or post them to PractiScore web site. For example –

The match series results could be updated with additional matches over duration of the match series. So, you can just add new matches into the series from the “Match Series” screen (aka “Build Stages” screen for regular matches) and then submit updated series results as usual from the “View Results” screen.

I run a Annual Season Point Series, we switched from 3GN to USSL-UML-EMG scoring this season and are setting the stage point values manually within the stages, an then the shooters best 3 out of the 5 match score’s count., from what I am reading this looks like it will do what I need except for a few things that I am trying to confirm. Under 3GN I just exporting the csv file that was normally set into 3GN in to excel and did the math from there. However it would be nice to keep it all on

So lets start with

1.) We have 70 shooters in the point series, however we average 110 shooters at a match, hence is there a way to set a flag, that only the shooters with this flag on, will be scored in the series, the rest are ignored?

2.) If not is there a way to export the match in to another match including the results and then I could delete the shooters that are not in the series? and then link that match to the series. Hence duplicating the match in another file and then scoring that in the series system.

3.) Is there a way to export the complete match score for USSL-UML-EMG like you have for
3GN for submitting the scores to 3GN, but for the UML-EMG? in csv format?

4.) Do you have to setup all your matches in Practiscore, prior to linking them as a series, or can you add to the series as you go through the season and add marches?

5.) I run 2 divisions in the series, Optic & 2x4 Open in UML. Will it score both divisions separately, or do I have to create seperate series of matches for each division to tract each division?

6.) On another note, USSL-UML removed tactical from all their rules and divisions, will practiscore be adjusting to the new nomenclature of the division names?

Thank - You / Tom

@Tom_Zuzik once you’ve created tournament/series as described above, the “View Results” screen has an option to “Share” results, which you can use to email them to yourself and then open it in Excel for your own editing.

I’ve been using above process with PractiScore app for Android to run annual match series for several years, posting intermittent results throughout the year. You can add new matches to the series and update posted results.

An option to “export results into another match” is called “Clone” you can do that from the match list screen. It will create a new match which you can mess around with. I’d recommend to name it differently.

You can have multiple divisions in a given series match or you can also have separate series for given divisions (in the match series match, on the shooter list screen under the “More…” button you can edit divisions you want to be included into the series results). It is really depends on how your matches are being run. Give each option a try and see what work best for you.

PS: I’d suggest to not mix multiple unrelated questions/issues into the same topic. It is hard to answer them in context or track issues. E.g. you should really be calling UML about updating their match templates.

Thank you for the quick response,

So from what I am reading, sounds great and I will try, though the one question still is open, since we have both series shooters and non-series shooters is there a way to flag just the series shooters to calc, or are you saying, once you get the score in the series, just email yourself and do the whole thing manually afterwards with removing non-series shooters and post to a separate webpage?

I was hoping to maybe import the complete match from this weekend into another match name ending in for points, and then delete all the non-series shooters from that “new named” match, and then link those “new named” matches into the “Series” and leave it on PS.

does that seem like it will work?

And if so the hangup I am having is figuring how to copy a complete match into a new named match, set that as private, and then do the series from there.

Thanks again for your input and help

@Tom_Zuzik see my previous response about the match “copy” option.

Excluding some shooters from the series results may really depend on the scoring options and all. E.g. for HF or TPP scoring if you remove some shooters from the match - that may actually change overall standing in a given division and does affect overall points or percentage. A simple way to avoid that is to move non-league shooters into their own division(s). But if you just want to exclude them from league results it will have to be done in Excel after exporting results.

I’ve thought about calculating “categories” results for series (so your match results can use some custom categories) and filter out series results by available categories, but there was some issues with results calculation. I may take another look at it at some point. Also you have to go back to original matches in order to make corrections to shooter’s categories, which could turn into a lot of work (because series match doesn’t have any data in it, but links to the other matches). And then the same question stands - do you just want to exclude shooters from report or original results need to be recalculated, which may create too many options permutations for PractiScore app to manage.

Sorry, I missed the word Clone in your O/R, my bad,

Shooters don’t have to be in our series to shoot our matches. The series is a pool of shooters, that are shooting for prize money. Thus if you don’t join the series, your not in it, but each of our matches have “Point Series shooters” and Non-Point series shooters in them.

So, this past weekends match the 2x4 Open shooter that took first place was not in the series, so per your note I cloned the match and then deleted him from the match and the 2nd place finisher became the leader and all the points shifted. I am checking the cals to make sure. But look good.

I think this is going to work, just need to set a category for point series so looking down the list to see who is not a Point series Shooter I can delete them. Then I can post the new match and the series totals.

This is sweet, thanks a lot for all the help. I will post the a link to the original June match, the series shooters only June match and then the Point Series Overview so others can see the progress here.


BTW, as a “dirty” hack, you could also add some indicator at the end of the the shooter’s first name (like “[S]”) to mark them as series shooters, which could be used to filter them in Excel after.

The deleting of the non-series shooters in the cloned match, since it is USSL-UML-EMG scoring, aligns perfectly for the scores and I have to wait till next month’s match in order to join 2 matches to create the series results.

But this looks like the perfect fix for scoring.

Full Mixed Match:

Series Match:

I’d suggest to post the cloned match too. Even as private. This way PS Competitor app could pull the series results and you will have a backup…

I’ve just gotten started with the “Tournament” mode and I’ve been testing and trying different things to make it work or at least appear to work for me.

I have a recurring “problem” where a shooter gets dropped for some reason from one of the matches due to having a different division. And example would be he shoots two weeks in PCC but the third week is CDP. He shows up in both PCC and CDP divisions but in the overall, the CDP is dropped.

I’ll continue to play with this and see if I can make it work for our group.

Great program for our club by the way.


@Andrew_Dulay if you have matches you can share with me. Email to [email protected] the links to to match results posted to the PractiScore web site or attach PractiScore match export files *.psc

Though you have to decide how your series results need to be calculated. E.g. when someone shooting different divisions, should they be grouped under the same shooter or should they stand as separate entries (there are several shooter grouping options to choose from, with and without division included).

PS: Admittedly, I’m in a middle of some fixes related to division-less series results. Have additional complications caused by multiple reentries in individual matches with the same or different divisions. Your issue might be related to this, so it will help if you email me your info.

Thanks for the information.

I’m still basically going through everything I can do in the Tournament mode to make sure I’m not making some basic errors along the way.

I’ve got the results “kind of” settled in for now and will update in this thread when I come up with either a solution or “more problems”. :grinning:


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Hi guys,

I run a club tournament where throughout the year we have a total of 8 matches (2 matches per division) which include standard, open, revolver and rimfire. A competitor needs to compete in at least 1 match of each division and their highest percentage from each division will total up and the person with the highest total percentage at the end of the year will be the winner.

Is there a way to only score a competitor’s best percentage of each division rather than all 8 matches combined?

@Ashley_Carbone a short answer is no. Same as for any other custom tournament variants.

You can still try to create the tournament for per-division results. Then load generated html report in Excel and apply your calculations there.

Thanks Eugene. I’ll give that a crack. I was doing something similar in Excel already but when I stumbled upon the Tournament option I thought I found the easy Practiscore based solution to my problem