Club Leaderboard

I have been poking around and I cannot find any club level stats on our members shooting. For example: How do I get all my members scores for the matches my club has put on? Exporting one by one is not an option that I entertain… Looking to make a custom club leaderboard on our website powered by the information inside of practiscore but I am not seeing an easy way to do it.

There used to be a way to embed club match results in an Iframe, if you guys brought that back I think I could make it work from there with some javascript magic :slight_smile:

Is this something on the backlog already? I cant be the first person to think about this…

I downloaded and returned the Competitor application, not close to what I am looking for from what I saw…

There are technical, business and security reasons why an API is not provided.
I have seen folks that copy and paste the old html style of reports and try to play with data that way.
Most clubs just post the link to the results on their club web page.

If you are interested in a series/leaderboard with results it is available on both iPad and Android tablets.



@John_Petrou if you own the club matches, you can create a club series match and there you will see all your members for the duration of the series. In PractiScore App for android series can be incrementally updated with new matches for the duration of the year or any period or number of matches you choose.

See Scoring Tournament, Club League or Match Series in PractiScore app for Android.

Hey @D.J.Petrou,

I’m not asking for an API to be made.

I will probably be getting the data manually until I can figure out how to automate it - sadly…

It sounds like this data could be aggregated by using a series based on @euxx response - is series data available on the practiscore website or is it only on the mobile applications?

I help manage the club, I will ask if we have used series before.

ps: I love practiscore and the community, you guys rock.

The “series” is really just another match. You can post and update its results similar to individual matches. The article I linked in my previous comment has a few links to the posted series you can take a look.

PS: the PractiScore Competitor app can also pull down the whole series from PractiScore web site and show it in the app. All matches for that series need to be posted to the web site. But Competitor app is optional, posted series results can be viewed on the web site.

This looks like it might be perfect for what we want! Awesome!