Create custom scoring/divisions/categories with practiscore

Hello all
my club is thinking about migrating to practiscore but it’ll take some arm pulling from some members.
The problem is we are a small club, maybe 75-100 paid members and we have unique scoring/division/categories for the club that don’t align properly with any other known club.
Is there a way if we signed up for an account to put in our unique information?
We kinda use USPSA/Palidan scoring but again, unique.

here are a very high level overview of scoring with some info removed
I’m hoping practiscore will do what we are needing including counting attendance and keeping a yearly score.

Thanks for your time

has established shooting classifications based on demonstrated skill level and awards plaque at the end of the year for the top shooters in each class. Classes are A-D. Points are awarded at each match. The top scorer receives 100 points, the next score receives 99 points, etc. A minimum of 3 matches are required for a shooter’s initial classification. Fun matches and 3 gun Matches do not count for classification. 6 Matches are required for classification. Not meeting those 6 matches results in the shooter being unclassified. The Total average of matches shot (6 minimum) will determine your class. Classification is established as one accumulates enough matches to count towards classification. The numbers below describe the classes:

● Class A 90-100
● Class B 80-89.99
● Class C 70-79.99
● Class D 0-69.99

The top 4 shooters from each class will be eligible to compete in the annual shootoff. The top 4 are chosen from the 4 highest year end points per class who are present and want to participate.

Competition Category:
Minimum of 7 matches to qualify for shootoff. The top 4 highest average will participate in the shootoff for competition category.

You should get an PM from Jay in the next day or so discussing your needs.

DJ actually called me and was very helpful and knowledgeable about Practiscore. We are going to give it a trial run and see if we can import into our spreadsheets for points.
Thanks again!

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@Craig_Bonham also see this howto on running a tournament/series match.

When I spoke to DJ he mentioned the series wouldn’t be available for a while so I’ll be checking this out and how it’ll apply to us.
Thanks for the heads up!