How to merge duplicated stages

In some case you may need to merge multiple stages, e.g. when those stages were added and then scored on multiple devices (not the right way, unless you had no choice, then read along).

Before merging any stages - make a backup of your match. Either using “Backup” button on the main app screen or better email the match export file *.psc to yourself using the “Export” button on the main app screen. So, you have copy you can restore from in case something goes wrong.

In the PractiScore app for Android app you can merge two or more stages by selecting them on the “Build Stages” screen. To select stage - tap and hold on the first one, then tap on other stages you want to select. Once selected - you can use “Merge” option at the top menu.

If selected stages configuration is not the same (including stage name, classifier code, number of stages, even walk trough time and briefing text), the “Merge” won’t allow you to proceed and you need to edit stages configuration to match.

Otherwise “Merge” will copy all stage scores into the first selected stage and will match other stages as deleted. You can still undelete those stages if you’d want to.