Creating your own match templates in PractiScore app

PractiScore app and PractiScore web site provides match templates for number of shooting sports and disciplines.

If your shooting sport is different or has some deviations from the common match templates you can create your own custom match template, share it with your clubs and reuse it when creating matches in PractiScore app.

To create a new match template you just create a new match in PractiScore app for Android and then edit divisions, categories, classes, checkins and even stages or shooters (that is if you always have the same bunch of shooters at your matches).

After editing your match, don’t enter any scores, but go to the match list screen and from the match entry menu select “Template” option. Once selected you will see a “Template” badge on your match entry in the match list.

Now when you use an “Add New Match” in the app, you will have your template in the list (it is prefixed with “*” to indicate custom template).

You can also use “Export” option to share this template with other clubs and Match Directors.


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