Chronograph Bluetooth link in PractiScore app for Android

PractiScore app for Android supports Bluetooth link for the following Chronographs:

You can see a quick video overview at

If you have other vendor’s chronograph with Bluetooth functionality, please ask your vendor to get in touch with us at [email protected] in order to have their device integrated with PractiScore .

For all ProChrono devices you need to pair them with Android tablet or phone from the system Bluetooth settings. Once modules are paired you can link them in
PractiScore from the chrono scoring screen.

On the Chrono “scoring” screen (after selecting shooter) use “Chronos” menu at the top. Then select “ProChrono” and then select “Digital Link” bluetooth device from the list of paired bluetooth devices. You can link/add 2 chrono devices.

When Bluetooth chronographs are linked. The shooter’s Chrono screen will show large CH1 and CH2 messages at the top. At that point the app is connecting to chronographs and after a few moments you will see both messages changed to OK and then to the last velocity value saved in each chronograph. If something go wrong you will see ERR message. To reconnect chronograps again you can exit the Chrono screen back to the shooter list and enter back.

You can tap-and-hold on the large velocity number to reset string and number of shots for each chronograph.

In order to measure Power Factor you need to enter bullet weight for each shooter.

To avoid multiple edits of the scores you can write down weight on the ammo bag using permanent marker when bullet is weighted and then re-enter it into PractiScore at the time of measuring velocity.

After firing a shoot trough chronographs you will see measurement and the shot number for each chronograph on the Chrono screen.

Once shots are retrieved from both chronographs you need to tap the “Add Velocity” button and the largest out of the two measures will be added in the shooter’s record. It doesn’t add it automatically – you need to tap the “Add Velocity” button.

The app shows the measured Power Factor, but it doesn’t automatically change it for the shooter. You should use “Actual Division” and “Actual Power Factor” buttons to update shooter’s Division and Power Factor as needed.

Do you know if the LabRadar will work with the Chrono feature?

Here is the response I’ve got from the Labradar last time I checked.

I see it’s been a couple years. I’ll ping them and see if they’ve changed their mind.

Still the same answer. They aren’t publishing the API. Maybe one day

The API is not really an issue.

But given that Labradar does not see that having their product integrated with the most commonly used match software improves their customers experience, I don’t see a point providing any integration for them. And of course their own app doesn’t have any use in context of running chrono at the match (even if they could make it work looking at the 1 star rating of the existing app).

Bottom line. The Competition Electronics products are 3x cheaper (with the lights). The DLX model has the Bluetooth link and works with PractiScore out of the box.