Update local shooter history in the PractiScore app for Android

PractiScore app offers an option to fill in shooter’s name and other info when you type in a few letters of the shooter’s name.

You can delete an incorrect shooter entry using a long tap on the shooter name popup on the shooter editing screen in PractiScore app for Android.

This info comes from the local shooter history. The local history store is updated when competitors are registered locally on device and also or when matches are synced in, or imported from *.psc file, or when registration info is imported from a spreadsheet/CSV.

To fill in shooter history on device you can import or sync some past matches from other devices. You can also maintain your own competitor list in a spreadsheet. Then import it in a new match. See Importing shooter registration data into PractiScore app

You can also rebuild and re-populate the entire local shooter store from some previous matches. In PractiScore app for Android go to the “Match List” screen. Then tap and hold on the match names you want to use to select these matches. Then use “Update History” from the top menu.