Importing shooter registration data into PractiScore app

We recommend to use PractiScore web site to register shooters online before match,

However you can also import shooter registrations from other systems or from a spreadsheet format.

This article details the format needed for the spreadsheet and gives instructions on how to import the spreadsheet into PractiScore app.

Spreadsheet Format

Your registration spreadsheet should consist of a header row giving names for the columns in the table followed by a row for each shooter in the match. As PractiScore reads in the spreadsheet it uses the column names in the header to determine which values in the table go to which shooter attributes, so please note that the first row in the table must be the header.

The order of columns in the table doesn’t matter but the column names do matter. PractiScore app looks for certain keywords in each column name to help determine which shooter attribute it represents. Any unrecognizable column names are ignored. The table below lists the columns app will recognize.

Shooter Attribute Column Details
Member Number header must contain “uspsa”, “idpa”, “scsa”, or “member”
First Name header must contain “first” and “name”
Last Name header must contain “last” and “name”
Name instead of separate first and last name columns first and last name may be combined in one column with a header containing “name”
Alias (supported for SASS only) header must contain “alias”
Email header must contain “email”
Squad header must contain “squad”
Age header must contain “age”. If values don’t contain “junior” or “senior” then adult is assumed.
Gender header must contain “sex”, “gender”, or “female”. If values contain “lady” or “female” it’s female.
Division header must contain “pistol” or “division”
Power Factor header must contain “power” and “factor” - values “Minor” and “Major”
Class header must contain “class”
Special Categories header must contain “special” or “categor”. Values may contain “law”, “mil”, and/or “foreign”
Checkins header must contain “checkin” OR header name should match one of the checkins configured for a given match
Team header must contain “team”
Shooter Number header must contain “shooter”
Region header must contain “region” or “country”
State header must contain “state” or “province”
ROcode header must start with “rocode”. See Range Officer tracking in PractiScore app

Note that the column names maybe upper-case, lower-case, or mixed-case.

Exporting the Spreadsheet

Before the spreadsheet can be sent to the app it must be saved to a form that PractiScore app is able to read. It can’t read a .xls or .xslx file. Your spreadsheet program (Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers, Google Docs, etc.) will have an option to “save as” or “export” your spreadsheet as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Save your file as a CSV file and make sure it has a .csv file extension (e.g. my_match_reg.csv).

Importing into PractiScore app

Now you need to copy your CVS file from your computer to your device. There are a few ways to do this. Note that the methods described here are specific to iOS devices, Android supports CSV file import too.

The email app on your device has an “Open In” feature for file attachments. If you email your CSV file to yourself then open the email in the Mail app on your device, you can then tap the attachment and you’ll be presented with an option to open the file in PractiScore app.

File sharing solutions such as Dropbox and SkyDrive can also be used. If you have one of these apps installed on your device and you’ve copied your CSV file to Dropbox or SkyDrive you can find the file in the app and use the “Open In” feature to open the file in PractiScore app.