Check ins download with "Get Match Registration"

We run most everything out of the tablets rather than online since internet is spotty at the range. It would make check in a lot easier if the “Paid” check in would download with the “get match registration” if they paid online. Right now we have to either just run the honor system, or cross reference the shooters between the website and the app. If that was populated it would speed things up considerably.

Hi Tony! Thank you for the wonderful idea. Our programmers are currently busy. I will bring this to their attention before the next Practiscore update. Thank you. :slight_smile:

@Tony_Rath please email to [email protected] a match pin# for one of your matches with paid online and non-paid registrations. I’ll check if we have the data.

@Tony_Rath thnx for emailing that.

The payment status is currently not being sent to the app and that will require a change on the web site. I.e. it will work if/when web site would send the checkins list for the shooter when match is downloaded using pin#. FYI @Brian_Williamson @Jeff_Krammer

In a mean time I put a small fix for the PractiScore app for Android 1.6.48 release to support importing additional checkins from CSV and also fixed issue with updating shooters checkins on registration spreadsheet import. See Importing shooter registration data into PractiScore app

With this fix you can download your match using pin# as before. Then on the PractiScore match registration web site go to the “Approve/View Shooters” page, then select “Export / All Data” option in the page menu to download CSV file (you can view it in Excel or Google Sheets). You need to download this CSV file on your Android device or transfer it there.

That “All Data” CSV file has columns like “Approval Status”, “Paid Status”. To import these as checkins you may need to edit your match checkins ("Edit Shooters/Squads / More… / Checkins) to match those columns, e.g. rename checkin: Paid -> “Paid Status” and add “Approval Status” checkin if needed.

Then in the PractiScore app for Android open “Import / Export” screen, and then “Spreadsheet Import / Import Registration”. Then select downloaded CSV file. The app will add or update shooters (and checkins) in the match with information from this CSV.

We’ve used the import/export for a number of matches, and it does work, but is cumbersome. Are there any plans on having the checkins sync from the site?

Adding an additional request for this feature - we’re trying to go completely paperless at our matches and being able to easily download the paid status would be a huge help.

Ideally we’d also be able to filter/sort by paid status so we could also delete any no-show shooters on the master tablet before syncing to the various stage ones and distributing.

Is there any info on having checkin’s populate the app with the match download? Any one running hybrid payments (online and at match), is a huge pain.

Any idea when this would be on the roadmap?

Can you explain How or why you are interested in check-ins from the web site when checking in is most normally done on the master tablet the day of or day before (on a major) match?
I also see the club you are an admin of does not require online registrants to pay online. It is actually set up to not allow someone pay online for the upcoming matches.
Most normally matches that take online payments are set up to

  1. Require full payment at time of registration
  2. Often “Require payment and approval to squad” But sometimes “Allow squadding after registering – No approval or payment required”( which will be overridden by the payment requirement) but then they can squad themselves.

Most all MD’s that take payments online will take payments the day of for walk on shooters.
Doing it this way if you download the match from the website you “know” everyone has paid. And you just take money from the walk ups.
If no one has paid you just need to use the check in option on the master tablet the day of and everyone needs to pay.

We currently allow shooters to pay via Stripe or day of the match. Even those that pay via Stripe often do so after we have downloaded the registrations (on the way morning of, etc).

Our current setup allows shooters to pay online anytime before the match, or if desired, pay at the match. Not sure where you get the “not allow someone to pay online for upcoming matches”, as online payments are currently enabled for all our published matches.

When shooters check in the morning of the match, we do so via the master tablet, but there is no easy way to determine if they had already paid online.

It would be far easier if the paid status from the registrations would display on the tablets. It better informs us who we need to collect from. Without it, everyone is pretty much on the honor system.

For the club’s I’m familiar with, most have the same model. Pay online or the day of the match. For most club matches, the online payment is not required as shooters sign up and drop fairly often and it prevents needing to issue refunds.

If you choose to allow people to pay or not to pay at registration then it is the MD’s responsibility to keep track of the payments. (Export the spreadsheet for the approved/view shooters section.)
It is so extremely easy if you have everyone pay to register and if someone can’t make it then it’s approx 3 clicks of a mouse to refund them.

As far as changing and adding to the web site and both scoring apps a paid status. Unfortunately, that is currently not possible due to manpower availability. To add something like that entails changes to the web site and both apps and is hours and hours of programming.
It could be considered when Practiscore 2.0 is completed and released with a new website.
this is being worked on but it is early in development and there is no completion date on the calendar.