Range Officer tracking in PractiScore app

The Match Director can enable RO tracking in the match settings.

When tracking is enabled, scorekeepers will be required to select their name (current RO) from provided list and optionally confirm their identity with a personal code/password.

Because at the most matches ROs are also competitors, we are using the same competitors/shooters list to select Range Officers.

Supported tracking options are:

  • None – no RO tracking

  • Self-Serve – any registered competitor can be selected.
    This option is mainly for club matches when competitors self-RO

  • Preregistered – only pre-registered ROs can be selected.
    For this option “Secure Match” setting should be also set in the match settings and match password should be set

To register ROs you need to set an “RO” check-in flag and optionally set his personal code/password. If your match template doesn’t have this check-in you can add it from the “Editing Shooters/Squads” screen / “More…” / “Check-ins”.

With RO tracking enabled the scorekeeper will be required to select the current RO (himself) before entering the squad list screen. Then current RO name is shown at the top of the screen. You can tap that to change current RO without exiting the squad list screen.

Once scoring is completed, the RO is shown on the stage scores approval screen and then saved with the approved competitor’s scores.