Update score edit password protection feature in PS App

Hello PS team!

With the recent score editing concerns, i would like to implement password protection at my club matches for score edits. However, current app options (self serve or pre-registered) do not seem to fully accomplish it without creating a potential headache - either option requires a password for initial score to be entered.

I am hoping to have this feature modified so it allows anyone to enter initial scores, but prompts for a password when someone tries to edit a score. That way anyone can help with entering initial scores. However, when attempting to edit a score, a prompt should be displayed for a pre-registered C/RO to enter password and make the adjustments, creating accountability and traceability of edits.

If this is already possible - please excuse my ignorance. I referenced my own experience with the app and this article, however I could not find a way to do what i described above.

Thank you!

Personally I won’t recommend to use the “Edit Scores Password” option and instead do a quick review of all edited scores when finalizing match results. See the shooter filtering options in the Android app.

@Mike_S you are mixing up two somewhat independent features: the RO tracking and the scores editing password.

The latter option is only available when “Secure Match” option is enabled in the match settings and the “Match Password” is set. Please note that the “Edit Scores Password” will have to be entered for any scores corrections, including reassigning scores.

I do recommend to enable a self-served RO tracking, so you will have some track record of who entered or edited scores (you’d have to trust your shooters and ROs).

Thanks for your reply, Eugene!

I think i understand the features as they are now and with your explanation it’s even more clear now. Rather than mixing the two features, i was hoping we could have a hybrid of these capabilities for the specific use case i described.

As a local Match Director, who knows all the shooters and ROs, I would rather not rely on the potentially emotional “trust” aspect and instead avoid any possibility of cheating or mistrusting the shooters editing the scores.

I feel that’s a proactive and unbiased way to handle things: nobody is called out or suspected, this is just a feature of my match - every score edit must have a second set of trusted and approved eyes right there on the spot.

As far doing a quick review of all edited scores when finalizing match results - i feel that’s not a solution. In reality, reviewing the scores after the match is done for potentially improper edits is too late - at that point there is nothing i can do. So I will have to upload them as is… I would prefer to be able to approve the score edits as they happen.

In other words you don’t trust your ROs.

In that case your only option is to be physically present when any score need to be edited. Generally that slows down stage flow or would force ROs to resort to paper, meaning some of the scores data may not be exact or even accurate.

You can still do a few things. Like assessing how far apart edits were made and in case time difference is over a few minutes and no reshoot option used - invoke rule 9.7.4 (in case of USPSA). Having RO names next to individual edits (especially if match uses ROs personal pins) also helps to evaluate legitimacy of the changes.

is that really a constructive comment in this discussion?

I cannot be present at every edit. But i can have an assigned C/RO on each squad.

Again, that’s a reactive solution that limits my options of a match director, does not help accuracy of scores and if i make the wrong call (it’s human to err) does not help the match and the shooters.

Just to sum it up, feature request denied?

It sets expectations and the baseline for this conversation and defines the problem statement.

As it is now all those C/ROs will have the same password. So, based on your above statement you won’t have “accountability and traceability of edits” as you wanted them.

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate every possibly permutation of feature flags. Especially when we are talking about audit, security and/or any passwords.

You already have two layers of security in addition to complete audit of score edits. Trusted ROs can enter the scores and they can confirm their identity with pre-registered RO passwords/pins. If that is not sufficient, you have a single “override” password that can be enabled for protecting all score edits.

Your statement about scores accuracy has a major flaw. And that is why I asked whom do you trust.

If you have untrusted persons entering scores (they can enter pretty much anything they want) and only the trusted ones editing scores… In reality these “trusted” C/ROs have no ways to know if what been entered before edits is accurate. In other words, your requested feature isn’t addressing the issue you describing. The only way to address it is to have these “trusted” C/ROs to enter the data in the first place and that is already supported in the app.

As for making the wrong call, rule 9.7.4 is quite clear regarding score being final.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, Eugene. I appreciate it.

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You are welcome.