Getting the most out of the PractiScore match registration website

Match Documents and Sponsors

After creating the registration form for your match, in addition to match details you can also add stage descriptions, maps and other documents to your match registration page. Microsoft Office files, PDFs and images are all supported.

As soon as those documents have been added shooters can see them on the match registration page. The PractiScore Competitor app will also show them in a near future.

Download the Match to the PractiScore app

After creating the match on you’ll need to download it to the PractiScore app to do the actual scoring.

The simplest way to bring match to the tablets is using the match pin#.


Then in the PractiScore app on a “Master” device, select Import/Export / Get Match Registration, enter the pin# and tap Download. Then match will be created on the tablet (or it will be updated if it already exist).

In the the PractiScore app for Android the stage images/documents and stage descriptions entered on the match registration site will be used to create match stages when match on device does not have any stages yet.

Starting from version 1.7.2 the PractiScore app for Android will also pull documents added for the match and will make them available on the tablets. These documents could provide additional information for ROs, e.g. schedule, range map, etc.