Match Documents being linked on the Tablet

With respect to Match Documents being linked on the Tablet:
I attached my COF on the website registration page then imported the match onto my Fire HD 8 Tablet.
The documents do in fact show up, as depicted above in the screenshot, on my device.

I had to modify my COF.
So, I uploaded a new COF version to my Registration Page.


  • After reimporting the match the new document does not get linked on the tablet.
  • In fact the old document link is persistent on the tablet even though the document is gone on the registration page.
  • I tried changing the name of the COF document, uploaded it to the Reg Page, Imported it to the Table, and the original document is still linked.
  • on the tablet, to the right of the Match Name is a “Change” menu. Press & I get a match list. On the right of the Match Name is a triple dot menu. Press & I get a pop up with a “Documents” menu item. I press on ‘Documents’ & i get a “Documents” panel. I see the Document name and Link address. However, I can not delete the persistent document or its link.

Please help me purge the old linked document so I can get the new COF linked.

many tnx
MD MacCoon’s Precision Rifle Club of CNY

@Brian_Coon currently the document and stage import only kicks in on the initial match import, e.g. when match didn’t exist on device.

If you haven’t made changes to the match on a tablet (e.g. haven’t edited competitors or stages) you can delete your match from a tablet and re-import it again.

Though if you have some substantial edits on the tablet. Your only option is to email us the match export file and I can remove or update documents for you from that match.

@Brian_Coon please email the match export file to support email.

@Brian_Coon thy this one

Please use [email protected]

Wow … What a pain in the butt this was!! but i figured it out!

1st. Tnx very much to @euxx & [email protected] You fixed my linkage problem.
2nd. When moving export/import files around be sure the file extension is .psc