Create stages automatically when downloading match from the PractiScore web site

The PractiScore app for Android could automatically create stages when match registration is pulled from PractiScore web site using pin# as described in Getting Started with PractiScore web site, How do I run a Match?

To make this work you can put classifier stage code (as you have in the app) into the stage name or enter stage description on the web site and optionally attach stage diagram (image or PDF file):

Then when your match is loaded to device using match pin# number for the first time, the PractiScore app for Android will check if one of the classifier stage codes is in the stage name and then create stage according to specified classifier configuration (starting from PractiScore app for Android 1.6.46).

Otherwise the app will read your stage description entered on the web site for IPSC/USPSA, IDPA and ICORE matches and attempt to configure your stages in the match according to stage description.

For example, in an IPSC match, for stage description like this:

10 IPSC Targets, 3 IPSC Poppers
Rounds to be scored - 23
Start position - In area A facing uprange,
Procedure - Upon signal, engage targets

Note the punctuation (commas, dots or line breaks) to separate the target types and other data fragments from each other.

With this description the app will automatically add 10 paper targets (2 hits each) and 3 poppers.

The following key words (more or less) are recognized:

  • string, strings
  • popper, plate, clay
  • penalty popper, no shoot popper, no shoot plate, no shoot clay
  • no shoot, penalty target
  • target, targets
  • moving target, appearing target
  • round, rounds
  • points


EK so for Andriod Only

Note the category and the article is started with “The PractiScore app for Android could…” :slight_smile:

So, at least for now. But on the bright side, there are cheap Android tablets.

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So, I have added in the stage information as described in the article in the link. However when you submit the information, the format changes. It will be interesting to see if this works!?

@euxx You are a legend. Even with the stage information formation being automatically reformatted by the PractiScore website, it appears as though the stages have come through perfectly.

Cool. Yeah, the app doesn’t care if it is a coma, dot or line break in the description. And entire text also goes into the stage walktrough section.

The web site has next to no formatting there, though you might be use double line breaks to preserve some spacing.