Export to WinMSS and posting results to IPSC website

The PractiScore app for Android allows to export match results to WinMSS software, in case you want to use it to produce the official reports.

Once match has some scores, you cam open the “View Results” screen in the app, scroll down to the “Exports” section and tap on the “Export to WinMSS” there and then can use the “Share” option to email the exported WinMSS.cab, save it to Dropbox, Google Drive or use any other sharing options.

For Level 3 and higher matches, the app also gives you options to submit results to the ipsc.org website.

Tap on the “Post Results to ipsc.org”, select country from the list, and then select match from the ipsc.org calendar, fill in match info, review results and tap the “Submit” button at the top of the screen.

After results are posted and processed on ipsc.org you can also post the post match report.