Registering Shooters in PractiScore app

When match is not using online pre-registration, or you need to register additional shooters or verify their info at the time of check-in at the range - you need to register shooters in PractiScore app.

Here are few key points for registration:

  • registration/check-in can be done on multiple devices
  • registration at any time in the match, even after scoring starts
  • auto-complete suggestion of competitors
  • automatic memory of any competitor that has ever shot a match with you (when you used PractiScore)

NOTE: IT IS IMPORTANT TO DEFINE THE MATCH on a “master” device and SYNC to any used in registration.

Register with Multiple Devices

So, if you have 100 shooters to register during the 1/2 registration period, one easy way to make it quick is to have 2 or 3 devices doing registration. Then sync them up and start shooting.

Each competitor has unique ID in PractiScore, which is created at the time of registration - either online on the PractiScore web site or in PractiScore app.

You can assign an exiting shooter ID to a newly created shooter. So, if Ken Nelson, TY64062, Limited registers on two devices, he is two different competitors unless “walk-in” option is used.

Handling Walk-Ins / Late Arrivals

If “walk-in” option is enabled in the match settings, you can check the walk-in flag when registering shooter on device. This tells PractiScore app to use shooter’s information instead of unique ID to identify the same shooter.

In this case unique ID for a walk-in is made up of the following info in addition to the shooter’s name:

  • Member# and Division if Memeber# is provided and it is non-pending
  • else Email and division if email is provided
  • else Shooter Name and division

When registering walk-in shooter on separate devices, care should be taken to ensure they have the same unique ID (e.g. verify name spelling, and correct email and membership#). Otherwise the shooter will show up as two separate registrations after sync. In such case you need edit registration (preferably on device where shooter was entered) such that unique IDs are equal.

Note that division is always included in the walk-in unique ID. This allows re-entries shooting in multiple divisions to be treated as separate shooters. Be aware that if a walk-in shooter’s division changes on one device then is synced to a device that already has that shooter the shooter will appear as a re-entry since changing division changes the shooter’s unique ID. This can be remedied on the device by merging the shooters as explained above.

Shoot Througs and Squad Skipping

Shooters trying to finish early, or granted a reshoot after a ruling can come while another squad is shooting a stage.

There is an “All Shooters” squad, with name filtering and sorting. Just find them in there, and score them.

If they aren’t found, due to being registered on a device that hasn’t been synced yet, you could register them using walk-in option with the same Name, membership # and Division. Or if time permitting you can sync their registration from the “master” device.

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