Search and load match results using PractiScore Competitor app

Searching match results posted at the PractiScore website

You can use the main app menu (2 dots at the top right corner of the main app screen) to open the “Search Match” menu and to search match results posted on the PractiScore website.

Then you can simply type part of the match name and tap “Search” to bring the list. This search works similar to the search you see on the PractiScore website.

The PractiScore Competitor app also allows you to search by competitor name, email or a member# (assuming the latter two were registered in PractiScore).

Note the search type switch right under search entry field.

The app saves the previously entered searches and you can just tap on one of them from the list to search again.

On iOS you can swipe left to remove searches you don’t want to keep.

Once you’ve found match you were looking for, you can tap on it to load into the app.

Once loaded, the match results are available offline and you can switch between matches using the “Change Match” option from the main app menu.

Loading matches from other websites

In addition to searching, you can pull match data from a link to the match results or results page opened in a web browser.

When you see the match results link you’d like to open in PractiScore Competitor app (it works in emails, web browser and other apps), tap and hold on it to open a context menu, then select Share… option and then select “PractiScore Competitor” from the list of choices to load this match into the app (first time you may need to add PractiScore Competitor app from the “More…” option).

Similarly on Android:

The match results link sharing also works on several other match results websites. For example, Shoot-N-Score, Match Organization System (MOS), IPSC Scoring Services, ESS, Makeready (requires Makeready PRO-subscription) and few others.