Claim a result so they all show for my login

I am a new shooter… I now have two matches in which I’ve participated. One is an IDPA match, and I am a member of IDPA. The other is a USPSA match, and I am NOT a member. The former (the IDPA result) I can see under my login. The latter (USPSA) I cannot. Can I “claim” that USPSA result somehow? I would think I should be able to see all my matches regardless of sanction or whatever under my profile.

Correct me someone if I am wrong.

  1. I believe you need a Public Profile,
  2. the Match Director have your email (one you used to register on practiscore). If the email was not entered on your match entry (in the app). This may be the issue.

Having a membership to IDPA or USPSA does not automatically claim results to your account. Matches on your account are based on your email address. Only MD’s can claim matches to a particular club.

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Okay… so I checked with the club where I shot the match that isn’t joining into my profile. They already had my correct email address. So, something must be wrong. I shot in another match tonight… let’s see if that one doesn’t merge as well. I have no idea what to do to fix this.
UPDATE: the match from last night is also not merging. So, a mismatching email address is not the reason.

I have thought about this as well. Sometimes people have more than one e-mail. Adding alternative e-mail account could be helpful. For example, I add other e-mail to my account, confirmation link is sent to my e-mail, I click on confirmation link confirming, that it is my e-mail, results associated with added account will appear in my PS account/profile.

@Aldo_Kremm you can already add “Additional Email Addresses” in the “Personal Settings” section on the PractiScore website.

@Aldo_Kremm @Ryan_Fuller also note that match results aren’t hard-linked with the match registration data on PractiScore. Competitors can be entered on the scoring tablets and then match results may not have any emails or USPSA# associated in the match results (for the latter you can check the html version in USPSA results to see if MD added your membership number).

If you want a more flexible way to search for matches (by match name, by member#, by email, etc) and more - take a look at a one-time paid app called PractiScore Competitor. Though it worth to mention, that app is NOT linked with your profile on the PractiScore website and instead it let you to run searches and then download and save match results for offline viewing.

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Thank you. My bad. Will try to add another e-mail.