Stop edit history from being viewable in a match setup with hidden and password protected results

Hi guys,
I’m trying to hide edit history in our results for the club I manage the scoring for.
We have some fudds who hate having anything visible online that could identify them and they are making a big fuss over the fact that, even though the match results can be hidden to all but the participants, it seems if scores are changed or reshoots are conducted the edit history is still displayed for the selected match.
Is there a setting I am missing that will hide the edit history along with the scores/results?

Have you password protected the match also???

Where do I password protect the match?? Do you mean make the match private?
I would prefer to not have to send the match link out to people as we have visitors that like to shoot and I want them to be able to go to our club page and register for matches from there.

Password protect the match so only people with the password can see results.
Make the match Private if you don’t want just anyone being able to find it and register.
They are independent of each other.

Thanks DJ,

i have both password protected and hidden results boxes checked and still have issues with the edit history being visible.

match is password protected & results hidden

however edit history is still visible



To be honest we purposely made it visible and transparent to all users in regards to edits. Edits are a normal part of running a match, and there are very few that are nefarious. It really goes against the principle upon which we stand to be non-transparent. We’re doing our best to let people know that all edits are logged a a gentle reminder. Re-shoots are a normal function of running a match.

@Jay , this is clearly a bug on the web site (and quite a critical one).

When match results are password protected - nothing should be shown, or even downloaded into the web browser, unless password is specified.

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I agree Jay that reshoots and edits are a normal part of a match but, as euxx has said, I believe its a major issue as it pretty much defeats the purpose from having hidden results. If this is normal then my club will not be able to continue using the software as i cannot truly hide results from those outside our club.

The engineers are looking at the problem now, I’ll keep you posted on when it will be corrected.

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Just FYI… hidden = hidden and restoring that state is a priority for the engineering team.

– Ken N.

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We have fixed the edits from showing up to none password pages.
Only people who have the password for results can see anything.


DJ and team, thank you very much for such a rapid response and remedy to the issue. It is very much appreciated guys !!

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