Getting match results updates in the PractiScore Competitor app

Depending on your range setup you have several options to get updates for the match results in the PractiScore Competitor app.

When you started app for the first time they all listed on the first “onboarding” screen.

These options are also available from the main app menu at the top right corner of the screen (look for 3 dots)

To reiterate:

  • You can import match using PractiScore match export file *.psc (e.g. from email or other file sharing options)

  • You can search results posted on the web site
    the “Search Matches” option in the main app menu

  • You can pull data from other phones/tablets running PractiScore app on the same WiFi network
    the “WiFi Sync” option in the main app menu.
    This works the same as the WiFi sync in the PractiScore app (scan to search devices or enter the device sync code, then Pull from selected devices).

Once match is loaded and you need to get updates you don’t need to search for the match or use “WiFi Sync”. Just tap the “Refresh” icon at the top of the screen:

  • When you are on WiFi and there are devices selected (from the “WiFi Sunc” screen) the “Refresh” action will automatically try to pull data from these selected devices
  • When you are not on a WiFi (or no WiFi devices were selected) the “Refresh” action will try to find match on the website and will try to pull updates from there.

When match results are loaded into the app you can view these results offline without the internet access and also switch between matches using the “Change Match” in the main app menu.


Thanks for taking the time to put this together. As someone who has very little experience with the scoring app beyond scoring a few shooters, this fill in some of the gaps. I’ll give it a try again at the next match I go to.

BTW, if you have another phone or tablet. Run PractiScore app on it, create a new toy/dummy match and see how the wify sync works on your home wifi.

Though there could be some quirks with the wifi. For example, the wifi access point should not have the “client isolation mode” turned on (that is something to look at in the access point settings). As an alternative you can also try to enable the wifi access point on your phone and use it to sync.

Thanks. I’m assuming the sync between the competitor and scoring apps and the sync between multiple scoring tablets is the same. With that, I’m guessing if I go to a match that has multiple scoring tablets that are already syncing then I’m less likely to have trouble connecting too.

I’m also guessing I can find further help with syncing by searching the forum? I loaded the scoring app on my Chromebook and the sync timed out.

The PractiScore sync is a one way process. Basically you pull data from selected devices. So, we normally recommend MDs and stats to pull match/stage/competitor updates from master to the scoring tablets and only pull scores from scoring tablets to the master.

With that recommendation each scoring tablet will have only scores for the stage or squad that tablet is used for and only the master device will have the cross-device scores (assuming MD/stats are doing the pull from scoring devices, which may not be happening at the club matches until lunch, end of the day, end of the match etc.).

So, your best bet is to ask MD/stats about syncing scores to PractiScore Competitor app and which tablets you could sync from. Generally, you could either sync from all scoring tablets, or from the master.

Oh my… The Chromebook is a beast of his own. You may need to read these instructions, though it gets little too technical. Syncing with PractiScore app for Android running on Chromebook or in Bluestacks

Also don’t hesitate posting new questions about syncing. The PractiScore app category for Android or iOS would be good for that.

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I was able to pull live match info from the tablets at the last match I was at but a couple things confused me.

When I first pulled from the devices it said “different match” in red if I remember correctly. I assume because a different match was still loaded. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to change it to the match I just pulled in. It didn’t show in the list when I went to the change match screen. I put my phone in my pocket and came back later and it had switched to the match I just pulled in on its own.

Also, could you clarify what the difference is between the two pull buttons I have circled in my screen shot please?

Lastly just to confirm, does this pull in the most recently confirmed scores when the pull action happens?


First of all the PractiScore apps (both Competitor and scoring app) notion of the current or active match.

That screen basically came from the PractiScore app for Android and this red warning about changed match is to warn stats or MD that they are pulling in a match that is different from one that is current on a given device.

Also note that on that screen you need to use “Apply Changes” for both match and then new scores or else you basically would be staying on your current match.

Hmm. Maybe you hit a bug in the app… Though I haven’t experienced it and if you could capture steps to reproduce it again please send them towards me.

Normally when you accept match changes for a different/new match it would switch to that match.
You can also look in the match list from the main app menu under “Change Match” option. That list is also being flushed out when you kill and restart the app.

Again, this is the same screen as PractiScore app has.

The “Pull From Device” at the top can be used with a manually entered sync code. The sync codes are shown at the bottom of the screen in the PractiScore app and you can peek it from there. They are also shown in the list below, e.g. 0278.

The “Found Devices” list is saved for every different wifi’s SSID. You can clear list using “Clear Selected” option at the bottom, and “Refresh” at the top of the screen will try to scan local wifi network and update this list with the found devices. Then you can “checkmark” some devices from the list and use the “Pull from Selected” at the bottom.

The “checkmarked” devices are also will be used for a local sync when you tap “Refresh” icon on the main app screen (the circular arrows one).

There is no option to select which scores being pulled from a given device. It pulls whichever is current on that device.

Note that when pulling from the scoring tablets, individual devices may not have the whole match scores and you likely need to pull from multiple tablets to get complete scores for the whole match. Unless MD already did that and you could pull from a master device.