Competitor app will not pull up any of my match data

I can not pull any of my match score results with competitor app. the following are:
they show up in my dash board fine ? thanks for the help?

2021 Alabama Steel Challenge Championship
ACSC Steel Challenge - August 2021
Pizza and Pew Hosts HAVA at the CMP

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@Karl_Sutterlin the PractiScore Competitor app is not linked with the PractiScore website dashboard.

Please see Search and load match results using PractiScore Competitor app

Thanks for reply. I understand that but when I search from my app on mt tablet I have downloaded all that I want that show up in my desktop. My latest results will not download. For example if you could down load the 2021 Alabama state Championship then I know it’s my app or tablet. Or is there something that MDs need to set at there end so we can download. Thanks again

Will not download how? Are you getting an error or can’t find them in the search results? If it is the latter what query are you using to search for them?

Thank for all your help. Just got it to work !
there was a small box that was checked ( I don’t know how never searched that way)
called search by competitor name, email or shooter number
Unchecked it and it downloaded my match championship
Thanks hope you have a great day! Karl

@Karl_Sutterlin that and the other stuff is described in the article I linked above.

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