Score logging and PractiScore Competitor

I have been to matches where score logging was turned on and I got an email in my phone and the scores were visible on PS Competitor. I believe the scoring was on iOS for those. Tried to recreate at my local match for the same thing. Tablets (fire) were updated to the latest app with score logging turned on. Everyone was getting the emails but only a few scores were visible in PS competitor until I sync her tablets and posted scores. WiFi was on the range via a puck that could range all bays and devices. How do I. Are live scoring work with my fire tablets?

It is really great to see that you expect things from the PractiScore Competitor app that never been advertised or documented anywhere. It mean I must be doing something right… :smiley:

Anyhow, all the score logging does is post each approved score the the scorelog website at and then the website send those emails to individual competitors.

If you look at the stuff that is being posted there, it takes a some minor miracle to reassemble the actual results from that data. I have few fixes that aren’t released yet, but if you noticed something is missing please email at [email protected] and provide details to reproduce issue (link to the match results, competitor name, what is expected or incorrect, etc).

BTW, you can import a match into the PractiScore Competitor app from the match entry on the scorelog website, e.g.

I’m kind of confused. The live scoring seems to be pretty well known. It seems like it works well from iOS devices. During the mid Atlantic sectional this year, which was run off of iPads, scores were visible on practiscore competitor when the score logging email was out. When score logging is used from an android device (Amazon fire) it works intermittently. Before my last match I set up a test match on a fire tablet with two stages. I typed in a score for the first stage and posted the score to practiscore. When I typed in a score for the second stage and hit approve the email was sent and I saw the score reflected in practiscore competitor with out actually posting scores from the practiscore app. When I tried to do the same thing at my match this past weekend it worked a few times but mostly did not.

@Timothy_Hichak like I said, the PractiScore Competitor app has nothing to do with the live scoring. The live scoring feature is about sending emails to competitors and your competitors did get emails regardless if targets were scored on Android or iOS.

The PractiScore Competitor app does have an add-on hookup to the score log data posted on the scorelog website in an attempt to make results visible between real results uploads. And to make it work the app has to parse text rendering of the scores posted on the scorelogs website. There is no magic there, but said rendered text is different between match and scoring types and even stages.

You aren’t providing enough information for me to investigate why the app is unable to extract data from the scorelogs. Please see instructions in my previous response.