Merging 2 matches on Practiscore into 1 prior to the match

I’m trying to merge 2 matches in Practiscore into 1 prior to the match on the website but cannot figure out how to do that nor can I find other posts on it

You can’t do that on the web site.

The Android app provides several options:

I read this one a little differently, as it sounded like there were two matches that she wanted to combine into one ahead of the match. I have not done this before, but it sounded a bit like this writeup: Importing registration spreadsheet from outside PractiScore into the PractiScore web site. Basically I think you could export the shooter information from the website for one match and then use import shooters to pull them into the second match. It might be a little trickier and following the writeup would be best. Also might have to watch for duplicates.