Importing registration spreadsheet from outside PractiScore into the PractiScore web site

We have an older primary tutorial but these directions are what I use with some reasons why. It seems to have helped numerous MD’s with import issues so I’m going to share it.

This is what I do to virtually guarantee that your spreadsheet importation works. Not everyone does it this way but it is how I do it.

I never try and use a spreadsheet from anywhere else but PractiScore. You will spend so much time trying to figure out why “your” sheet doesn’t work. One little period, comma or space in the wrong place can stop the whole thing. And they are difficult to find.

The process we are about to do will create a spreadsheet with the correct headers so the system will recognize and accept it.

This is based on having a “match” under a “club” on the PractiScore web site. This way you can manipulate the shooters info on the web site then import the whole registration right into the scoring App with a simple pin number.

  1. Create the match in your PractiScore club and set up the registration page.
  2. Go into the match on the club account, click the Manage button then choose “match dashboard”
  3. In the Dashboard choose Manage shooters, then Approve/View shooters…
  4. In this window choose the Export and then “All Data”. Now save it to your computer where you can find it!
  5. This spreadsheet is what you will use and import “your” spreadsheet info into this column by column.
  6. Copy your data into the PS spreadsheet column by column NOT to Include the header in your spreadsheet. (for example, all of the “First name” column, all of the “Division” column, etc.)
  7. After you have copied your data into the spreadsheet, save it and then use this to import into your match on the PractiScore website.
  8. Follow these steps and you now have all your shooters in the match on the web site.

All of this should take you approximately 5 minutes to do. Much easier than chasing that invisible period or space on an existing spreadsheet!

I guess the biggest question is… Why are you importing? Why are you not just using PractiScore for registration?