Setting up a "library" of common shooters

I’ve just started using Practiscore iOS also for training sessions at the shooting club. Typically we have the same group of people shooting, i.e. it would be very practical to have access to a list of shooters to simply select from when either a local match or a training sessions starts.

This way you have the majority (if not all) of the shooters and their connection details defined for today’s session in a heartbeat.

Is this something that can be done from within the app? Any workarounds involving the web interface?

I’d like to save time on the range to spend more time shooting and socializing rather than typing if possible…


Hi Jonas,
If you use the same iPad as your master it remembers past shooters and their most recent divisions. For example on my master tablet if I start typing D.J. it will auto fill the rest if I tap on my name that pops up.
It’s really fast and easy.

So this means that if I actually have created a match where the specific shooter has been attending, I will easily have access to all his/her assigned “credentials” simply by starting to type the name?
If so, that is really great!
Does it also mean that you can easily migrate the user list between devices by syncing an older match and use it as template? I found the template solution to be a workaround on a single device, but the list you mentioned is even easier…

As You are new to the system what I would have you do is take a look at this tutorial first and then also go through the other tutorials and see if you can get urine questions answered there. I think you will find a treasure trove of information.
A particular attention to the part about using a master tablet versus scoring tablets.

Thanks D.J!

Really impressive set of tutorials and I’m really looking forward to using the app in a more advanced way. My problem at the moment is that we are “forced” to register all matches via SSI / as this is the system that is the de facto standard in our area.

When it comes to keeping track of scores during a match, especially with the built in support for Bluetooth timers and the various native implementations, Practiscore is however by far superior to SSI in my eyes. That said, we are still only able to use Practiscore for logging match data and then forced to manually adding the results to SSI once the match has been completed. That’s the reason why I wanted an easy way to setup the participants manually within the app.

I really hope to come up with a clever solution for being able to link data from Practiscore to SSI, but for now we are just starting with “local” usage of Practiscore. The base question of this thread has however been fully answered, thanks again for your quick and detailed reply!

See if this will help too.

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Excellent description of how to get registration data from another system into Practiscore. I’m sure I will use this feature!
One question about the interface though: Do I simply leave the “Shooter ID” empty when importing an arbitrary collection of shooters?

This is getting far from the original question, but what about the corresponding export functionality:
I have managed to import all the registered shooters from some other system into Practiscore and completed the match and now I have all the match data stored in my master device. I then publish the data to, but how do I get a corresponding spread sheet containing the scoring for all shooters and all stages? Purpose of this spread sheet is to be able to sync the scoring to the other system.

Sync to another scoring system?
Well, the short answer is, “You Don’t”
We don’t partner with any other scoring system.
The longer answer is by using the .html / old style results you can probably do some time consuming copy and pasting and create something that might work. :man_shrugging:


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Now at least I know that I need to do some magic with the available export formats to potentially be able to find a solution to my problem. With your help I’ve already managed to get the shooters from the other system and the complete set of stage data for each shooter from Practiscore. Next step is to be able to come up with a solution to how to get the data back into the other system, but that will probably work as well with a little effort.

Thanks again for your help so far, would not have made it in this short time period without your help.