Setting up payments through PS

We want to change from competitors paying at the match, to paying On-line at time of registration. Any or all info on getting started & set up.

Thank you

Have you searched through the tutorials?
The whole community has all sorts of stripe info.

I’ll touch on the Stripe later. However, there must of been some confusion on using PS to register shooters & a spreadsheet. We do use PS to set up shooters, registration, etc. However, the morning of the match. I export everything into a spreadsheet for our people at the registration table to check off the shooters, collect payment, double check divisions, class, etc. The pads are sync’d prior to leaving my house. However, going off the spreadsheet is quicker when shooters show up to check in & ask squad info. We do not have internet access at our range, nor any cell signal or electricity. We are out in the Nevada desert, melting in 115 degree heat.
However, there are times when I export the data to a spreadsheet & not all the data is in order. Then I have to realign the columns & data.
That is all handled now as I have changed our registration page & most the data lines up as I export.

I’ll look into Stripe


Why not print the reports for Squad List and Check-In from Practiscore? Both reports are found under Shooters/Squad.

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