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Hello, would be neat for the web page to be able to sort not only the way it does now (by location), but also by date. I little more complex would be to be able to sort by location, then date; and another option would be by date, then location.


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Wondering why the “Class” “Division” Radio Buttons for IDPA match sign up doesn’t include the Definition? I find myself googling the rules to figure out what I am. What doesn’t the Abrevation include the Description. Divisions & Classes etc.

  • CDP = Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP) (semi-autos chambered in .45 ACP only)

  • ESP = Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) (semi-autos, including single-action, chambered for 9mm or larger, with some modifications allowed)

SSP= Stock Service Pistol (SSP) (double-action, double-action/single action, and “safe action” semi-autos [Glock] chambered for 9mm or larger caliber with few modifications allowed)

ESR = Enhanced Service Revolver (ESR) (.38 caliber or larger double action revolvers with moon clips allowed)

SSR= Stock Service Revolver (SSR) (.38 caliber or larger double-action revolvers, moon clips not allowed).


I think you will find that once you learn the rules of the sport you are competing in that a description of the divisions is probably not necessary.

Limited 10
Carry Optics
Single stack

everyone has revolver divisions for the half dozen people in the country who still use em. :man_facepalming:t2:

I love practiscore.
I am MD at CA-IDPA shooters in Southern CA.
I use Android. It would be very useful to be able to run a report on my master tablet to show a list of all shooters that are in my master database by last name with the first date they were in the database (1st match for example) and the last one attended.
A second option (maybe a follow-on) would be to show the number of matches for each person and the dates of attendance. This might be a report where you can enter a name and get the data in a printable format rather than all shooters (which would be a huge report).

In the match dashboard the breakdown is great but less useful than it could be. For example I have an option for a shooter to check if they are a new shooter. When they check this it allows me to send them data useful for their first day and other data. Being able to click on the count of new shooters in the dashboard and get a list of names and emails would save a massive amount of MD time. No more multiple all data exports and excel searches for various reasons.
This kind of function for all categories would turn the dashboard into a fantastic tool. You already count them so why not make a display?

Thanks for listening.

Need a timer. Be great to have a timer we can set for the walkthrough for uspsa, and also make it adjustable so if a competitor’s gun goes down they have 2 min to get it running. Person on the tablet could instantly set the 2 min timer. Thanks

I think it wold be great to have a “Buy/Sell/Trade” section of this website for members.

We had a section called “Ken’s list”
It became too problematic with scammers and people trying to take advantage so we shut it down.
Maybe one day it’ll come back Just not in the near future.

We have a lot of shooters especially in SCSA who shoot 2 guns. It would be great if we could adjust the shooter sequence in the enter scores by moving shooters up or down so that those that wanted a gap between their first and second gun could be adjusted.

1.) Allow Results export to WinMSS on iOS too
2.) iOS version should actually WORK on Apple Silicon Macs, I can open it, but can’t use it as clicking doesn’t work
3.) Better export options – to PDF with automatic page separation of results (so row is not cut in half)
4.) Shooters adding – should display big list on initial character, not like it is now
5.) Better GUI, many parts are hard to click on ie iPhone 13 mini
6.) Export again – we ie don’t use classes, so ability to hide selected columns from results when printing/exporting would be great (some names are on multiple lines then because table is too long in portrait page)
7.) Automatic syncing in no internet mode between devices on same network (small local match, no PS web registration, completely offline)

I’d like to see performance ranked by stage. So if I select “Stage 1”, I’d see everyone’s points/time/etc all stacked up against each other to see how we rank in each stage of the match.

That is available depending on what type of match you are talking about.
If your type doesn’t support that on the web site you can try the Practiscore Competitor app to dig into stats deeper.

Is it possible to add a way to see the waitlist for a match if there is one. It would be very helpful to see how much of a chance we might have to get into a match if we are on the waitlist.