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I’m finding it a bit challenging in managing the overall PS ecosystem due to differences in functionality between the Android and iOS versions of the apps. Are there any plans on consolidating the roadmaps to align the features and functionality between the platforms?

Hi Max!

We have two app developers, one for IOS and one for Android. Because our IOS guy also has deadlines on other projects to meet, there may be different/more features on Android. Please rest assured that when his deadline projects are done, our IOS guy will be working on adding those features to the IOS app :grin:

Is there support for the upcoming NRL Hunter series to where we can set up stages as such: four targets but a box for ‘first round hit’, ‘second round hit’, ‘miss’ all under the same target?
I dont like the idea of having to make 8 targets per stage with odd numbers being for a first round worth two points and even numbers being second round worth one point. I feel that will confuse ROs when scoring.

And the best way to find out would be to check with the practiscore guru on NRL .22
Let’s see what he has to say.

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Hi Collin!

This would be easily doable with the NRL22 format. I know NRL Hunter series is a centerfire format but the flexibility of the NRL22 format would definitely allow you to build out targets with that type of scoring.

I would be glad to help out if you need assistance with setting up scoring for the match.

Great to hear, Levi. You may have to coach me through the target setup because the key will be locking out the options for second round hit and miss if the first round is marked. I like the function of the long range rifle setup with the hit/miss slider but for this format we really need to get three options under the single target.

Hi, not sure if this is being posted in the correct place/thread… For our local matches we would like to be able to track if someone is a certified RO/CRO. Ideally we want to ensure we have one on each squad. We can add radial buttons to the website and then download to a CSV to process but ideally the information would be imported into the Practiscore App so we can review on the fly on match day. An enhancement such that the certification status can be tracked and easily viewed when looking at the squad list would be ideal for this.

Currently that idea is not possible.
But we will put it on the list of features to whiteboard for the next rebuild.

I manage our clubs registration and payment reconciliation. We use the Member discount and another Junior discount .

I’ve created a custom signin sheet from the EXPORT / CSV in a VFP application. The one bit of info that is not available in the EXPORT is the amount charged/received in STRIPE.

It shows PAID, and for the Jr discount, shows that, but I cannot tell who paid full price, or who paid the member price, and I have to do an extract from STRIPE to match payment to shooter. Very cumbersome.

Can you put the amount paid in that export so we don’t have to hold up the line?

Possibly add a way that match emails for specific matches under one club can be sent from different email addresses? For example, I support Collin County USPSA, but we have a MD who runs the monthly match, but I am running our Sectional Championship and want those emails to come from different email. If I change the email at the club’s profile page - it will change email for all matches under CC USPSA

Yes, I would like to see kind of a wish list type for matches that I am interested in but have not been opened yet. That way I could keep an easy eye on them and get registered without having to go through a lot of other matches.

Ken…Somehow I created two Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club listings! One has our previous matches and no upcoming matches and the other has no prior matches and our upcoming match! Can I combine them? Or move the upcoming match to the established club’s profile?

Help! The match is this coming Sunday!


Please email me directly and we can get you squared away. [email protected]
This late in the game what I would suggest is you go ahead and run the match this coming weekend as is. Afterwards reach out to me with all the pertinent information I can have one of our web guys delete that club and move that match and its results to the other club.

Hi, I would love to use Practiscore for a trap and sporting clay match. Do you have any ideas for me to do this?

when looking for a club to shoot at, I find listings but they have no matches scheduled or matches in the past… I would like to see inactive clubs or listings be removed or trimmed back.

Would be nice to have the Division listed on your Upcoming Match list.

Hi Ken,
Today, Saturday 10-23-21, we were scheduled for a “WEGC 3Gun” event at West End Gun Club in San Bernardino, California. Event was to setup at 7am & start 9am. I’m about 85 miles away (about 1.5hr drive) in Torrance, California. When I left home at 6:40am I checked the WEGC website and email to make sure the event was not cancelled. The event was still on at that time. As I ended my 1.5hr drive and got off the freeway to the event entrance, I check my email and saw that the event had been cancelled thru a PractiScore via email at 6:54am. So and extra 1hr wasted getting there and nearly 2hrs lost on way back due to traffic.
My suggestion is…is there a way PractiScore can send out real time text notifications, or other type of notification that pops up on our cell phones? I know other apps do send out notifications as pop ups to my cell phone.
These notifications could also be set up as reminders for upcoming events.
Thank you for your consideration. I really like what you have done with this app.

Could we generate the interest in creating an EXPORT for IDPA uploads?

IDPA provides a Template in CSV format as well as some instructions on how to use it. This defines which fields are mandatory while providing the schema. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for Tier-1 matches I would be perfectly content if the export only provided the mandatory fields required.

The current method involves doing a copy/paste from a browser into a some kind of editor and doing some pretty extensive editing in order to generate the CSV file for upload to IDPA.

It would be great if we could complete the circle and get an export tool to the match directors / safety officers to have a one or two–click method of generating/exporting a CSV download.

I understand that given the nature of the IDPA upload process (and probably the lack of an API) it would still be on the MD / SO to complete the process and actually upload the file to the IDPA system.

Additionally, the MD / SO would (probably) still be required to edit the export to upload classifiers IF they were shot as a stage in the match.


Hi Michael,
We could move forward with a upload similar to what we have with USPSA.
To do so it would require IDPA reaching out to us with their requirements.
It really could be made simple and virtually automatic if they wanted.

Can an auto detect suspicious shot be built? For example, twice in my local match, i got an extra 5 second or more added to my stage times. I’m guessing the timer was bumped after my unload and show clear. I think this occurs when RO places timer behind their back. Maybe future timers will have accelerometers to help detect shooting is complete. I know shooter is partially to blame, but I’m not good enough to know when my stage has an extra 5 seconds added. I found these bumped timers by reviewing the PS time series from today’s match. I have two examples from today’s match to test detection on.

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