We welcome your ideas!

We’d love to hear your ideas for making our PractiScore eco-system better. Share them here. We can’t promise to do everything but we will definitely read, consider, and discuss them with you.

– Ken N.
Founder, PractiScore

Maybe find a way to integrate Ken’s List into this forum structure?

Great Idea! We will definitely look into it :grin:

Not having a calendar sync on my phone is hard. Can you integrate an ICS style calendar so Android/IOS devices can subscribe to the calendar? Teh events they have signed up for on practiscore would then be synced.

That is a fabulous idea! We will look into it :slight_smile:

Is there a chance to add a walkthrough timer? Example: walkthrough 3 minutes, time starts pressing “Start walkthrough”, at the end of 3 minutes “beep” signal, or simply “Walkthrough time ended”.

I would love to see a feature where I can bookmark a future match on the website and be notified when registration is open.

For example, say I find a small time match where registration doesn’t open for several weeks, and the group hosting the match doesn’t have much of a social media presence, I would love to be able to click a button that marks the match in my dashboard as one I am interested in, but registration hasn’t started yet. Then sometime before registration opens, maybe an hour or a day or a week, I get a notification to remind me of that match. Or maybe it’s a big match like Steel Challenge World Speed shoot, where whole squads book up in minutes, getting a reminder before registration opens would be awesome.

This would also help match directors know what level of interest they have in a match before registration starts and they can adjust squad sizes or other factors ahead of time.


This is a great idea! I will get with the team to see if we can add this feature. Thank you for the recommendation :grin:

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Does the Practiscore scoring app have a random shooter order generator? Most, if not all shooter order is done alphabetically at matches. This gives an unfair advantage to shooters whose last names begin with a letter at the end of the alphabet as they rarely, if at all have to shoot a stage first. There is a huge benefit to not shooting a stage first. You learn different strategies and the pitfalls of a stage by watching the shooters whose names begin with letters A-L.

Hi Dennis!
On an IOS device, if you go to the squad you want to shuffle, you just need to hit the little arrow on the top right-choose sort-Random and that will shuffle it.
On an Android, go to the squad-hit the three dots on the top right-sort-random

1 - Add / move login credentials to prominent position on home page
2 - In calendar view, list club name first (on mobile device, only “open” or “close” is immediately visible)
3 - Add “view squadding” button to registration page and make “view squadding” button look like “match breakdown” button on match page
4 - Add shooter number / registration order to registration page
5 - Offer a low graphics / work safe mode

Thank you for your suggestions.
I will put them on our list to review when we begin working on the next major update.

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Dear Community, Have you ever considered hiring a UX/UI professional to do a comprehensive review of the application? Something to consider.