We welcome your ideas!

We’d love to hear your ideas for making our PractiScore eco-system better. Share them here. We can’t promise to do everything but we will definitely read, consider, and discuss them with you.

– Ken N.
Founder, PractiScore

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Maybe find a way to integrate Ken’s List into this forum structure?

Great Idea! We will definitely look into it :grin:

Not having a calendar sync on my phone is hard. Can you integrate an ICS style calendar so Android/IOS devices can subscribe to the calendar? Teh events they have signed up for on practiscore would then be synced.

That is a fabulous idea! We will look into it :slight_smile:

Is there a chance to add a walkthrough timer? Example: walkthrough 3 minutes, time starts pressing “Start walkthrough”, at the end of 3 minutes “beep” signal, or simply “Walkthrough time ended”.

I would love to see a feature where I can bookmark a future match on the website and be notified when registration is open.

For example, say I find a small time match where registration doesn’t open for several weeks, and the group hosting the match doesn’t have much of a social media presence, I would love to be able to click a button that marks the match in my dashboard as one I am interested in, but registration hasn’t started yet. Then sometime before registration opens, maybe an hour or a day or a week, I get a notification to remind me of that match. Or maybe it’s a big match like Steel Challenge World Speed shoot, where whole squads book up in minutes, getting a reminder before registration opens would be awesome.

This would also help match directors know what level of interest they have in a match before registration starts and they can adjust squad sizes or other factors ahead of time.


This is a great idea! I will get with the team to see if we can add this feature. Thank you for the recommendation :grin:

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Does the Practiscore scoring app have a random shooter order generator? Most, if not all shooter order is done alphabetically at matches. This gives an unfair advantage to shooters whose last names begin with a letter at the end of the alphabet as they rarely, if at all have to shoot a stage first. There is a huge benefit to not shooting a stage first. You learn different strategies and the pitfalls of a stage by watching the shooters whose names begin with letters A-L.

Hi Dennis!
On an IOS device, if you go to the squad you want to shuffle, you just need to hit the little arrow on the top right-choose sort-Random and that will shuffle it.
On an Android, go to the squad-hit the three dots on the top right-sort-random

1 - Add / move login credentials to prominent position on home page
2 - In calendar view, list club name first (on mobile device, only “open” or “close” is immediately visible)
3 - Add “view squadding” button to registration page and make “view squadding” button look like “match breakdown” button on match page
4 - Add shooter number / registration order to registration page
5 - Offer a low graphics / work safe mode

Thank you for your suggestions.
I will put them on our list to review when we begin working on the next major update.

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Dear Community, Have you ever considered hiring a UX/UI professional to do a comprehensive review of the application? Something to consider.

Please make a Time plus that would display all hits that are scored as zero not just the penalty scores. That way you will know the rounds fired as well and you are able to calculate hit factor too. Thank you practiscore is awesome!

I too would really love to have this feature. Right now if I find a match that I am interested in I have to manually go into my calendar and set a notification there. What I would like to see is the ability to when you follow a club to opt-in for an email or notification whenever that club posts a new match and also when sign up is available. Maybe give the match director has an option to have multiple tracks oh, so if you have for example USPSA and steel challenge posted at the same Club you could choose to get notifications for one and not the other. Also make it so the match director can see how many people are following his Club and even maybe give them the option of sending out a mass email to everybody that is following them. Just like match directors can now send out to everybody that is already signed up.

Recent match had several stages with identical round counts and similar stage descriptions.
Some squads entered scores for the wrong stage.
Suggest confirmation dialog: “ENTER SCORES STAGE 2 SQUAD 4? OK / BACK” Prior to allowing scoring.
Usually this gets caught when the target count differs from the Practiscore setup for the first shooter and requires a lot of pen and paper transferring of hits.

It is difficult to stop the RO’s from not paying attention. Besides having good RO’s
If a squads scores are entered on the wrong stage it is easy to reassign them to the correct stage. Go to each shooters score and use the “reassign” button to move it to the correct stage. Moving a squad of 12 takes about 3 minutes to fix. :+1:
No pen and paper necessary.

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It would be really helpful to be able to check shooters off when they check in for a match that they have preregistered for, a check box or something next to their name or maybe their name would change colors when checked off. Sorry if there already is something like this, but I’m not aware of it. Thanks Mark

Hi Mark!

This is already a function for this in IOS, unsure about Android.
Go to the Shooters/Squads, and scroll down to the shooters. There should be three boxes under their names saying “Checked in”, “Paid”, and “Staff”. All you need to do is check the applicable box!

Thank You Madison, I looked and found it on the android also, I went where=

you said and at the bottom of page was a toggle that said more and found i=

t there. Mark

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