Transfer scores back to master tablet

We had a match today, and I am trying to transfer scores back to the master tablet. How can I get this to work?
I type in the codes from each tablet to the master tablet, but it says it can’t find it?
I also have the master & other tablets on the correct date.
I also have the tablets on my wifi…I also tried moble hotspot.
Please help!
Thank You, Dan Harman

Hi Dan!

You can find the guide here-

You may try restarting the apps if the devices can’t find each other

I have tried to transfer the squad tablets as shown above. Some of them did transfer, and some did not. We had 5 squads, so I need to transfer all 5 tablets to the Master tablet so I can post on Practiscore. I am using my Mobile Hotspot on all tablets.
I am also using the “Sync Devices” feature. When I put the Device number/code in the Master tablet, I get…“Failed to find Device…Unable to connect to device”
Nothing has been deleted from the 5 tablets, meaning all scores from the 5 Squads is still there.
So, now I need to know what to do next so I can get the scores posted on Practiscore.
I don’t know what else to try, and I don’t want to loose the scores on the Squad Tablets.

What if I sent every tablet separate to Practiscore? Would that combine ALL the scores from the 5 Squads?
Please let me know, & Thanks again for your help!
Dan Harman

What tablets are your master and your scoring?
When were the tablets last updated?
You have synced how many of the scoring tablets to the master?
Do you have all the tablets with you now and access to a good solid 2.5 g network?

ALL the tablets are Ipads. Updated about a month ago.
It looks like I’ve synced 2 of the 5 tablets so far.
I have all the tablets & Master and have a solid 2.5g network. Actually it is 4g.
I’ve done this before, but for some reason it is not letting me add the remaining 3 tablets.

Thanks D.J. What now?

  1. shut off all the tabs.
  2. turn on then open the master check the wifi connection in settings and clear the sync window of connections.
  3. turn on ONE of the scoring pads, connect the wifi, open PS, go to sync, look at the master and if not auto connected then manually connect to that one tablet.
  4. if it works when done turn off that tab then do it with another one.

Let us know

Here is a screen shot on the master when I click on Sync Devices…if that helps.

All scores are on the Master…just so I so it right, How do I send it to Practiscore?

Never mind…I got it posted on Practiscore…Thanks for all who helped.
We shot in the Rain most of the day, & I certainly didn’t want to loose the scores
after what everyone went through.
Thank you D.J. for all your HELP!

Dan Harman

You are Welcome…
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