#2 StoreFront update Comped matches, double payments and CC charges

Yesterday we made another adjustment to the StoreFront that should help with people creating duplicate match fees and creating another way for MD’s to have Zero Sum match fees for comped matches.

We have seen a few folks double their match fee thru the Practiscore Donation line item.
For this we have added a pop up asking the shooter if what they have entered is correct.

We have also rebuilt the Zero Sum match fee so a MD can create adjusted Match fees that are zero without the need to add credit card info. (To do we had to forgive any donation amount for the staff.) Please be advised that anyone can choose this adjusted price and it is on the MD to validate that proper folks have chosen this.

First here is what a regular shooter will see.

Then here is what a staff member will see/choose if you use the Zero Sum adjusted price versus the Bypass Code.

Notice how it shows on both that the match has chosen a portion of the match fee to Practiscore. We Thank you for your support…

Now, Here is the pop up that the Registrant will see IF they add any amount to the donation. (some folk have accidentally added their match fee amount in the donation line) This should stop the Double payment from happening…

Finally, we noticed that the Credit card fee percentage for the Practiscore donation was being levied to the clubs. To fix this, Practiscore is having 3% of the donations sent to the clubs to cover the less than 3% service charge.
Hope this clears the new update up.
The PS Web Team

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