Storefront Updates/Best Practices/Thoughts from the PS Team

The Storefront has been up running for a bit. So we put together some info for all the Match Directors and Stats People out there to help fast track your knowledge of using it.
Remember all the Storefront does is give you cool additions to what you had to work with before.
Here We Go!!!

Free/Comped Match Fees:

To allow registrants to have a free match fee in the new system the Bypass Payments code system must be used. (Or as MD you can manually enter a shooter via the “add shooter” option)

Creating an adjusted price that sums out to zero will not work with Connect.

It is an easy option. Just create a code to bypass payment for authorized users. You can even post the code in your match details as it is no different than having a zero sum option for everyone to choose from. You can even create multiple codes for different reasons.

The code can be the same from match to match.

Securing the code is your choice but as an MD you still review your shooters for correct fees so trying to lock it down is redundant. One MD will be posting it in his Match Details for all to see.

Discounted Club Members:

The auto discount is here for clubs that use the membership options.

It works like it did before, the member will get the discounted price you set.

IF you offer a discount for a second entry you will need two second entry options. One for members and one for non-members. Calculate the non-members discount amount off the non-member match fee. Calculate the members discount off the members match fee. That will keep the total fees accurate.

Clubs that don’t use the Membership function:

We suggest having an adjusted price that says something to the effect “Club Members”

Create and adjusted option for those folks. Just use oversight as MD/Stats to make sure everyone choosing it are truly members. (no different than reviewing “Junior” or “Mil” type discounts)


The Stripe Connect refund procedure is built in right at the shooter withdraw option for the MD. The EZ one button refund.

BUT, currently some clubs will have a match that was created and has shooters who registered before the Connect system was implemented……These shooters cannot be quick refunded via Stripe Connect. They must be refunded the old way via Stripes website.

This will clear out as the matches are run.

(also the “paid” Icons will look different)

Paid with Stripe” mean paid full price with Connect.

Paid with Stripe $17” means paid with Connect at an adjusted rate.

Paid” or “Paid $17” means paid via the old stripe system

For the existing matches his should let you know what/how shooters paid and how to deal with it.

Thanks for all the help and support finding any bugs and working through the teething of the new system!


PS Web Team