Saying issue with payment info on a free match

I am trying to register for a free match and it is saying there is an issue with the payment but I cannot put any payment methods in.

This is the same with our free match


Hi @Tylor_Jakino and @Rod_McLean,

We did a special post last week regarding using the bypass payment link, which is preferred for free shooters. Hope this helps.
Storefront Updates/Best Practices/Thoughts from the PS Team

Our club matches are all free. So the match setup is selected for “offline” payments, and the price $0. This worked until today when all registrations are now having this same error.“There was a problem with your payment amount”.
I tried cloning a match and also creating a new match from scratch. The error still persists.
We are located in Australia. I noticed the other club was also Australian.

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Thank you for the response
Can you please assist me pleas as I am not great with this stuff

We have this match set up to shoot on Sunday
We don’t have stripe nor do we want to charge anyone via PractiScore at this time
Could you please have a look at how I have set this up as I have used $10 fee and a $ 10 discount by put ideally I would rather leave all mention of fees out of the PractiScore booking process
Can you please help me here as all our matches are free and this is a live match with registration open and shooters can self squad


Rod McLean

We pushed out a fix for this earlier this morning. Please let me know if you continue to experience this issue.

Hi @Rod_McLean,

I just went and registered for your match and was able to register.

I think @Jeff_Krammer fixed this earlier today.

Hi @ Stephanie

Thanks but it still has the $10 i added to make it work
could you please check my settings i am wanting it to be $0

the $10 shows in the registration page
i am wanting to be a free match

Just saw @Jeff_Krammer comment and will adjust it and check


Try going into your individual match page and change to the following settings. This should help


@Stephanie yep you nailed it thank you so much

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