Price Adjustments Glitch?

I am trying the price adjustment for the first time. A shooter reached out to me saying he attempts to register and select one the adjustment options. When he completes the required fields and selects “Register”, the following page gives an error Annotation 2020-07-10 180015

Hi Eddie!

Can you please provide a link to the club in question so we can check it out?

I had no problem registering for the match. How is the shooter’s internet connection? Do you know if they have cleared their cache recently?

He tried it in his phone and PC. i also tried it on my PC and got the same message

when you registered as a non-member it still had a balance of $10 and can register with no problem. When I do it as a member it has $0 balance and I get the error. seems like that is the difference

Hi @Eddie_Diaz,

I’m not even seeing a non-member price for your match. All I’m seeing for price adjustments is the Saturday Staff and Sunday Staff. Without a shooter selecting one of these two options, all shooters (both members and non-members) will be paying the $30 you have set as the Match Price.

$30 non member, $20 for member

The problem you are running into is that you cannot have a Zero Sum total. IF you want someone to have no match fee (ie. Comped) you have to run them through the bypass code system.
Read up on this thread…


ok that’s what i was thinking. thank you. i was trying an alternative than to have to disseminate the bypass url and make it a “one stop shop”