Scores missing after scoring tablet turns off

We had a scoring tablet we used to score 6 squads for steel challenge. When the 7th of 8 squads came to the berm, they noted that the tablet had turned itself off. When they turned it back on, the match was there, but ALL the scores were missing. Has anyone experienced this? If so, were you able to recover your scores? We’re thinking that the scoring tablet got left out on a table in the sun and overheated.

It is unlikely you could recover these scores, unless you’ve been doing any of the following things when setting up devices and your match and/or during scoring.

  • enabled the “local score log” on these tablets
  • the online score log was enabled for that match (in the match settings)
  • sync to other devices been done between stages or squads
  • the Backup option (on the main app screen) been manually triggered between stages/squads

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This happened to my squad at an L1 today. A single tablet that travels with the squad blanked out on Stage 7, and when it came back up a minute or so later all the scores were gone.

I’m not sure what happened, but several people looked at the tablet with hopes to retrieve the scores, but no luck.