PractiScore app for Android and Android 10, 11 and 12

Google introduced new file permissions starting from Android 10 and requires all apps published in the Google Play to support those. You may need to tweak your configuration when updating your tablets to Android 10 or 11 or after installing the PractiScore app on those devices for the first time. These changes don’t affect the Amazon Fire tablets (not yet anyways).

We’ve seen that some file access was removed from the PractiScore app after installing a system update with Android 10+ and you could see an error message like “failed to write backup” when creating new matches or saving changes. This is due to Android system not allowing the app to access default backup location on device.

To override the default backup location you can enable the local score log on device and select location where it will be saved to. Then the backups will go into the same location.

To do that you need to go into the match editing screen in the PractiScore app, scroll down and enable the “Save local scorelog” checkbox. After that, tap “Select” right below it and choose some folder, e.g. under the standard Documents folder on the device or pick a location on a removable SD card if your device has one. You may have to create a new folder and give permissions to use it.

after i have done all this. how do i import the file back if the tablet is destroyed?

@Gregory_Warde the local log file is a human readable text. It is not designed to be automatically imported, but it has sufficient data to manually re-enter missing scores.

PS: it still might be possible to create an automatic import from that file, though it never been needed