How to secure your match data and have recovery options in case things go wrong

We recommend taking the following steps to secure your match data and have recovery options in case things go wrong.

  • First of all, assign your “scoring” tablets to stages or bays where they will be used (that should include any extra or spare devices) and attach physical label/sticker to each tablet matching the assigned tablet use (e.g. “Stages 1,2,3”, “Bay 1”, or “Range 3”).
    Also change the tablet’s “Device Name” on the “Device Sync” screen to match its physical label. Then you will be able to tack down which tablet scores have been entered at.

  • We also strongly recommend to lock stages on all “scoring” tablets.
    How to lock a tablet to a stage - #7 by SWSf_forbundet
    Locked stages for scoring - #2 by euxx

  • Locking “scoring” tablets will also prevent pulling other tablet scores.
    If you don’t want to lock “scoring” tablets to stages, then avoid doing cross syncing “scoring” tablets to each other.
    Always make updates to match/shooters/stages on the “master” and then pull to the “scoring” devices. Pull stage scores only to the “master” device.

  • If possible, have a “secondary” (or backup) master device. Use it to pull scores from the primary “paster”. So, you have an extra backup.
    Or post scores to the PractiScore web site as often as you can.
    Or use the “Export” option to create a match data backup and send it out of device (Google Drive, email, etc).

  • Try to sync stage scores to “master” after every stage or bay or as often as you can.

  • If your range/stage bays have wifi with the internet connection you can also enable online scorelog. See the “Enable score log” option on the match editing screen in the app.
    It is an additional backup, plus your competitors will receive email receipts of their stage scores.

  • On Android tablets it is also recommended to enable the “Save local score log” option and if available select saving location on a removable SD card.
    This would help to recover scores in case the tablet gets physically destroyed. You need to do this on every tablet and also verify that the score log is being written.
    How to enable local score log in PractiScore app for Android