How to lock a tablet to a stage

At our matches we leave the tablet on a stage*. Every now and then a squad will enter their scores on the wrong stage. Is there a way to lock a tablet to a particular stage?

  • The thought is if there is a problem with a device, the worst that happens is we lose the score for a stage vs a squad.

Great question! I would love to know the answer too

I believe there’s a tutorial on this in the community.
But just real quick this is my Android phone and how you would lock it under the build stages section.


Please also note that locking tablet to a stage (or to a squad) is a local setting for that given tablet and it is not being synced between devices.

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Is it possible to lock at squad?

At build stager I ca lock at stage. Where can I lock at squad

Yes. Go to “Edit Shooters/Squads” screen, then find the “Squads” menu at the top right (it could be under “3 dots” menu) top open the squad list menu. Then tap on the squad(s) you want to lock/unlock.

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Can I ask Locking a squad why would you do that?

One popular case is when tablet stays with the squad and not with the stage.

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