Locked stages for scoring

We were shooting a local match this weekend, and there were two short stages in a bay. Tablets go with the squads, but I locked the two stages while we were shooting that bay. We were able to efficiently shoot the first stage, record the time, and then move to the second stage and do the same. It makes it real easy to then score both stages by selecting the correct tab at the top - made our squad run nice and fast. One thing worth considering would be to change the review screen so that the competitor can view the results from the two stages before hitting the approve button. What currently happens is that when the competitor selects a different ‘tab’ at the top to see the other stage, the scores are saved and the approval button is gone. If the competitor could view the results by selecting the appropriate tab, I would think that hitting approve would be OK for approving both stages simultaneously. You can always go back and edit the results, but it seems like having the competitor be able to see both stage results and then hit approve would be preferable.

I know at larger matches it is best to have two tablets, this was for a local that they happened to have two short stages in a bay. It worked so smoothly that I would do it again, but it would be nice to keep the approve button when switching tabs on the review screen.

Android 1.7.22, USPSA match.

@Warren_Harper if your competitors are shooting stages back to back - you simply score first stage, tap Review and show competitor review screen for the first stage, after that tap on the tab for second stage, score it, show review again and then accept.

BUT if you are NOT shooting stages back to back - you should switch your tablet to sequential stages. The switch is on the squad list screen. Though this option is not be visible when you have only 1 squad locked at a given tablet, when squad selection screen is skipped.

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Thanks @euxx - I had not seen that option before! I just did a test to verify, because we are not quite doing either option - but it looks like that works fine if you do the approval as you suggested. If you enter the time from the first stage, then tab over and run the shooter (enter time and score) for the second stage, you can do the approval for the second stage. Then when you go back to the first stage, the time is still in there and you can finish scoring and hit approval. Thanks for the tip!