Basic Series Match set up on an iPad

Is there a way to do the series of matches on an iPad? If so, can someone give me some hints on how to do it because I’m having trouble figuring it out. Thanks in advance. Bob

Hi Robert, can you clarify a little further what you mean by a “series of matches”?

I was looking to see how I could do a weekly league using PractiScore and came across this, Best Scoring Template to Use but couldn’t figure out how to select multiple matches and turn them into a series. I was hoping to make each week it’s own match and then combine them all into a series so that it would score them all together. Will it work that way?

Did this part of the thread you read not explain it for you? If you didn’t get to it check it out.

DJ, you forgot to mention that he need to sell his ipad and get an Android tablet first. For the price of an ipad you could get 3…4 Amazon Fire 8 or 2…3 of Fire 10.

Yes I’ve tried that several times and can not get multiple match to select.
I can go into my email and use two figures like Apple says to do and then select multiple emails just can’t get the option to work in PractiScore.

Give this a try. I just built it this morning for you. :smiley:

DJ, that is a good guide. Couple points to add.

The “series” match names in your example are somewhat confusing. Those aren’t series matches, they just regular matches that can be included into a series match.

Also, in my recollection, in the iOS app when series match is updated with new matches and posted to PractiScore web site - it is posted as a new series match. So, you may not be able to post updates to some previously posted series match results.

The series report will overwrite and update a past one as matches are added…

Will take your word for this. But then how do you create a new series match in there?

The biggest problem for me with running a league or “series” on an iPad is the inability to choose the best x of y scores–which is a key requirement to our leagues. This can easily be done on the Android version, so I use Android for our leagues.

I understand,
glad you have one that works for you. :+1:t2:

Thanks D.J. I glanced at it this morning and saw the icon you mentioned. I will mess around with it more this week. But from one of the messages below, sounds like I might have a better experience if I use an Android instead.