Best Scoring Template to Use

Hey Y’all-

I am working with a local range to help them start using Practiscore for their shooting league. The league runs for 12 weeks (12 stages) but does not rely on time…only points. We use traditional targets with X, 10, 9 rings 8 rings.

What I am trying to figure out is which scoring template would be best use for this application. I would prefer to use a template that could track things the way we already do them rather than modifying what they do to fit the template.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you would use NRA Action as your match type. Then choose which ever rifle target you want when you build the stages.

Then you can run series using this Scoring Tournament, Club League or Match Series in PractiScore app for Android

Or the series scoring on iPad too…
But depending on how many targets each match I might just make each stage a match.
Then have as many targets as you might shoot on each Match/Stage. After a weekend you can just repost the match each time and it will update the results.
It all depends on how many targets you shoot each weekend. :man_shrugging:

Be aware that ipad series aren’t persisted/saved outside of a given ipad (e.g. for a long running series or multiple series you may need to run simultaneously).

Also have to check if results are posted under same match id when you post them multiple times during year.

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