Basic series setup on iPad

A basic series can be run on the iOS app and will give you a best of overall series report.
You can also post it on Practiscore and update it as it goes on.
The sorting of the shooters is best used by email so make sure your shooters in your series all use the same email all the time.
It works great if registration is online via Practiscore.
Start with your first two matches in your tablet. ( you need to have all your matches for the series saved in your tablet throughout the series).

Then go to the PS starting page and hit the tree diagram button


This is your Match Series page.
The first thing you will do is choose the matches you want in the series. As you add matches just keep adding the check marks.
We pretty much always use the percent report for determining winners. Each match is worth 100 point to the winner stair stepping down.
The html result will allow you to post the results as a standalone match on PS. You can update the series match as you add more matches.

There are a few options but this series system is somewhat basic.

Results look like this. Each shooter below the winner accumulates points based on the percentage slower they are than the winner of that match. You can play with it and see the different views.