Why are my Matches not in my Dashboard?

Why are matches I have shot not appearing in my Dashboard?
So you’ve just shot a match, but don’t see your scores on your dashboard! What do you do next?
First, you’ll need to see if scores have been posted. Make sure to check under the “Scores” tab on Practiscore. Some matches post their scores under the match/club initials, but we do NOT recommend this as many clubs share initials with others around the world. If they are posted, and you can see your name, the next thing to do would be to contact the match director, or whoever keeps the master scoring device if it is someone else. You’ll want to ask them to check your registration details, specifically, your email. If the email is wrong, missing, or mistyped, asking your MD to fix it and re-upload will fix the issue and your scores will appear under your dashboard!