Having trouble getting started

Hello y’all!

New to the site and having some difficulty.
I have created my profile but cannot:

  1. Change my location
  2. Find the club I shoot at
    Work from my smart phone as I have no internet.
    Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?
    I know the club or matches they host are there.
    As I showed up at the last match and was told I could not shoot without registering on this site.
    Fortunately there were a couple cancellations, and I was allowed to participate.
    Any help or guidance for a new guy would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Todd,
If you search through the tutorials you will find alot of help.
As far as resetting your map here you go… You can use the search function for a club or for finding matches.

Here are a number of things you might find handy from the tutorial section. There are more!

Search around and have fun!

Keep in mind, we suggest that clubs list themselves with the complete club name.
Say “DJ’s Special Shooting Club” unfortunately some of them still list the club as initials, for example"DSSC" compared to the whole name. It makes it very difficult for Anyone to find them.
But you can find them via the map if you know where it is.