What match affiliation should I use?

Hello, I am going to be running a long range match.

We will have a par time, so no need to enter time.

Stages will have shooters hitting various steel targets worth various point values.

I don’t see PRS in the drop down list, thought I might be able to use that.

For instance,

Stage 1 might have one target that can be hit an unlimited amount of times worth 1 point per hit. Competitor hits it 6 times, they get 6 points.

Stage 2 might have three targets, worth 1(T1), 2 (T2) and 3(T3) points. Competitors hit T1 and T3, they get 4 points.

Looks like NRA is going to work well for me.

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Just call me when ever you are ready. Look at Long Range Rifle in the match types.